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VIDEO 1    22:20

What is Affiliate Marketing?

VIDEO 2    47:14

Traffic Types and Sources

VIDEO 3    22:38

How to Join an Affiliate Network?

VIDEO 4    01:10:19

Mobile Traffic Available out there

VIDEO 5    31:07

Domain Name, DNS, VPS, CDN OH MY!! (Part 01)

VIDEO 5    28:20

Domain Name, DNS, VPS, CDN OH MY!! (Part 02)

VIDEO 5    43:15

Domain Name, DNS, VPS, CDN OH MY!! (Part 03)

Loved it. Keep the videos coming brother!

Syed Irfan Ajmal

Farid Bro. You had nicely broken down for a naive person to understand.

Irfan Mirza

I guess I speak on behalf of everyone when I say we appreciate this alot Farid Khan.


Farid Bro very nice and simply explained, looking forward to learn more useful stuff from you.

Abu Sh JazakAllah

Awesome video MASHA ALLAH! I’ve been moving around different blogs trying to understand the affiliate marketing world and this video is the most direct, simple, and easy to understand explanation I’ve come across. Looking forward to more videos INSHA ALLAH!

Eeman Ouyoun

MASHA ALLAH very comprehensive. Highly appreciate your efforts. JAZAKALLAH!! Waiting for the next one.


Thank you so much brother Farid, very informative content MASHA ALLAH. Looking forward to watching the next one.  JAZAK ALLAHU KHAIRA!

Nacer Chakima

Concise and straight forward explanation. Easy to follow and understand, MASHA ALLAH!

Umm Mohammad

JAZAKALLAH KHAIR Br. Farid for the time and effort you spend behind these videos. They are very well explained and easy to understand.

Asaara Ali

Brilliant….What World have I been living in :)? MASHA ALLAH Jewels

Faisal Yousuf Shaikh

Smashing bro… MASHA ALLAH! Keep it up. Helping us clear up the clutter in IM

Adam Kaan

Just finished catching up on all the videos – just wow, have not come across such valuable information elsewhere on fb yet! I am about to launch my own app and these videos are just great – cannot wait for the next video. Farid Khan, thanks!

Ayub Shoaib

This is some serious, serious detailing. Why you give this away for free man????

Azzam Sheikh

MIND-BLOWING… 🙂 I’m quite impressed. This is definitely one of the best videos I have ever seen. Its content provides me so much fresh new values… and views into the vast dimensions of traffic sources we can use to drive the traffic to our individual projects. AND all this for FREE. I am sure that this stuff isn’t a copy from other webinars like the nowadays wanna be ‘online class mentors’ sell us. Farid Khan

Abu Sh

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